Product portfolio

Amryt Pharma is committed to delivering safe, effective and innovative medicines that treat extremely rare and debilitating diseases; transforming lives where it may not have been possible in the past. Our portfolio of specialist therapies includes products that we plan to make available to people with rare diseases across the world.

Juxtapid® / Lojuxta®▼ (lomitapide)

View our product Juxtapid® / Lojuxta®▼ (lomitapide) for the treatment of homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia (HoFH)

Myalept® / Myalepta®▼ (metreleptin)

View our product Myalept® / Myalepta®▼ (metreleptin) for the treatment of lipodystrophy

Mycapssa® (octreotide)

View our product Mycapssa® (octreotide) for the treatment of acromegaly