Grants and donations

At Amryt Pharma, we strive to change the lives of people with rare, debilitating conditions through the communication of scientific knowledge. With that mission in mind, we are pleased to fund appropriate independent medical education programmes in order for healthcare professionals to enhance their understanding of the diagnosis, management and treatment of certain rare diseases. We also support patient communities through educational grants and charitable donations to the patient organisations and charities who work with patients with rare conditions and their caregivers. Please use the links below to apply, at least 45 days prior to the event, if related to a specific event.

To apply: Download and complete the application and e-mail to [email protected]

Click here to download application

To contact us: e-mail [email protected]

More information

The criteria for submitting a grant request are as follows:

1. Grant Applications are required for all grants and should be submitted at least 45 days in advance of the event. Letters of request or email requests will not be accepted in lieu of an Amryt Grant Application.

2. Please submit all Grant Applications and questions regarding the grant directly to [email protected]. Grant applications must not be submitted to Amryt personnel, including Medical Affairs personnel.

3. You will be notified by [email protected] upon receipt of your Grant Application.

4. There are several key documents that must be submitted with each Grant Application:

  • Detailed, line item budget– Be sure to provide the required details in the budget section of the Application. You may also submit a budget spreadsheet (e.g., Excel), provided it includes all the required information
  • Written Proof of Tax Status
    • US:
      • W-9
      • Form 990 for tax-exempt organizations
    • Ex-US: Official documentation issued by your government tax authority that confirms your organization’s status as a non-profit charity
  • Documents that fully describe the activity, e.g. slides, brochures, agenda

5. Amryt does not provide funding for the following:

  • Grants to individuals, e.g., healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers
  • Activities that do not have an educational focus
  • Meals for healthcare professionals
  • Entertainment
  • Support for events that have already occurred
  • Overhead expenses such as equipment or salaries
  • Travel, meals, accommodations for guests of healthcare professionals
  • For-profit entities (except in the instance of bona fide Medical Education Companies)
  • Grants that are not aligned with Amryt’s therapeutic areas of interest

6. Change in Scope: If the scope, including the date of the activity changes, you are required to notify Amryt for review and approval in advance of the activity.

7. Amryt is committed to reconciling grants on a routine basis. You will be contacted after the event to provide information regarding the outcomes of the activity, including a budget reconciliation. Failure to reconcile your grant and/or return unused funds may jeopardise future grant submissions.