Fraud warning

Amryt has become aware that individuals have been contacted via social media offering employment within Amryt. Initially, they were asked to forward personal details to non Amryt email addresses, and subsequently were asked for further information, tasks were assigned to them and cheques were forwarded to them.

We would like to inform you that this approach is not related to Amryt. If you receive any suspicious requests, please do not respond. We strongly advise you not to share any personal information. Do not deposit any received cheques and do not remit money on any account.

Amryt follow strict measures to ensure our IT systems are secure and these fraud attempts are external to all Amryt IT systems. Amryt will only contact you through official means and never use personal email accounts or social media to liaise with potential job candidates.

Please forward suspicious approaches to [email protected] and/or contact your local authorities.